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Local child in the garden

Fighting for equal rights to health and well-being for children and young women globally

Partnering with local organisations for impact

Computer training course with children in the residential home

Our story

Child Rights Eurasia is a children and womens' rights organisation that has existed for several years in practice but officially registered as an organisation in July 2019. Our vision is that all programs and efforts we do are geared towards allowing children to be children. Projects we take on are directed towards children and young adults up to age 25 in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Children's Rights Convention states that all children are of equal worth and owed the same basic rights.
Our organisation stands behind that statement and works to ensure that every child has their voice heard, receives and education, is fed, and can develop freely. Similarly, we work to ensure that young adults have the right to work and receive housing. We know how important it is for the entire convention to be respected by the states and civil society of which we are a part.


What we do

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