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Child Rights Eurasia brainstorm

Our story

Child Rights Eurasia is a children and womens' rights organisation, registered in July 2019, whose vision is that all programs and efforts we do are geared towards allowing children to be children.  The organisation was founded by children's rights lawyer Kajsa Saleem who - after years of building child development and advocacy programs with local partners all over the world - saw a need to gather all operations with organisations in Pakistan, Zambia, Ukraine and Sweden under one roof. Collaboration  highlighted synergies and gave rise to better knowledge dissemination across programs.


Becoming an official organisation that can be supported by young and adult contributes also to engage community citizens in important issues. This in itself can help capacity development at the organisation and its operations and we can grow and develop even more programs that are developed based on the principle "For children to be children". The is one of the reasons why we currently have no membership fees for people who
wanted to get involved. That the name became Child Rights in Eurasia is because that is where the collaborations are aimed into institutionalised children began several years ago. The registration with the Swedish Tax Agency also means that the organisation has received one organisation number and we know it will contribute to more transparency because the association then gets a legal capacity and individuals do not then engage longer need to use their private bank accounts if funds are granted. With the help of one
layman's auditors, we will also be able to report which in an annual report operations and funds, respectively.

Meet the Board & Advisors


Kajsa Saleem

Children's Rights Lawyer -Founder/Director

Human rights professional specialized in children’s rights
development with experience in project management, community
outreach, policy education and execution for international marginalized

Strength: Passion and drive for positive impact


Shamon Gharst

Public Health Advisor

Public health professional with experience in building relationships among a consortium of over 135 hospital organizations, project management for patient safety initiatives, and international child health projects.

Strength: Detailed planning to account for risk


Hope Jeter

Technology Advisor

Technology professional with experience in business analysis, product design, management, and execution for digital solutions as well as communication with international teams.

Strength: Attacking problems from all angles


Caroline Enegren

Grant Advisor

Project Management professional with experience managing EU funded projects in education and civil society as well as experience working with NGOs managing projects related to refugee rights and child protection.

Strength: Focus on long term sustainable results


Charlotte Kristjansson

Financial Advisor

A Senior International Finance Professional with 20 years of experience in supporting sustainable growth in both public companies and NGOs. Has successfully led transformations across global organisations, underpinned by solid financial controls and governance.

Strength: Enabling companies and organisations to deliver sustainable results, faster

Meet the team


Financial Strategy




Child Protection



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