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Project: Let Children and Young Women Be

Location: Zambia

Our goal

Support for children and young women subject to sexual harm in Zambia as well as a reduction in the number of cases which occur.

Child Rights Eurasia works with the Zambian Society for Child Protection in order to develop our project in Zambia. The partnership began in order to support ZSCP in the work they are doing for children that are survivors of CSA (Child Sexual abuse). The founders of ZCSP both have a deep-rooted passion for the well-being of children and with the collaboration of Child Rights Eurasia have kicked of a project with the goal of influencing leaders on different levels to take greater reasonability in supporting those who have been subjected to CSA and work towards lowering the number of cases of CSA in Zambia. 

Meet our partners


This is Dorothy. She is a retired nurse, a psycho-social and child counselor, and the Lead Child Advocate for the Zambian Society for Child Protection (ZSCP), a wholly local Non-Government Organization, where she is a founding member of the organization. She leads the team of advocates who accompany abused children from the time of abuse up to the conclusion of the case in a court of law. This involves taking the children to a health institution for medical attention, assisting with reporting the matter to the police, assisting with pre-trial attendance, and counseling for the healing process both for the children and the families.

“Being defenseless, children are also voiceless and need someone to speak for them. It is a known fact here that families tend to hold reconciliatory meetings where money is paid by the perpetrator. This is to the detriment of the child and must be stopped. The community is key in this change of attitude.”


This is Nick. He is a retired police officer who served in the Criminal Investigations Department for 10 years. He is also a founding member of the Zambian Society for Child Protection (ZSCP) together with his wife Dorothy. Nick works on a daily basis to achieve the highest level of child sexual abuse management in collaboration with like-minded stakeholders both in government and the private sector.

 “The experience of meeting children who were sexually abused was unnerving, depressing, and sickening. Our focus was to be the positive spirit of the abused child in order to help overcome most of the challenges associated with sexual abuse.”


  • Workshops and seminars with community and faith based leaders addressing the issues faced by young women and children

  • Engaging youth in the discussions for potential solutions to CSA as well as in order to share their experiences

  • On air radio programs to increase awareness in the community as well as highlight potential lines of communication for reporting issues. Check out one of the programs here below!

Project milestones

29 Apr 2020

26-30 Apr 2020

13 Apr 2020

Second radio program appearance

Social media takeover with posts reaching out to over 700 people introducing them to Child Rights Eurasia as well as the work being done in Zambia with ZSCP.

Appearance on the Don Bosco Youth Network in Zambia

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