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Project: MÄMFIF

Location: Sweden

Our goal

MÄMFIF stands for "Mer Än Mina Föräldrar Intellektuella Funktionsvariationer" which translates to "more than my parents' intellectual disability". 

The project “MÄMFIF” aims at creating a network of children aged 13-19 years who have parents with intellectual disabilities i.e. an IQ level lower than 70. Covid-19 has created a state of isolation both from society as well as from educational and support resources. In order to enhance the wellbeing of this target group, the project will work to build a network inclusive of this group and health professionals whereby feelings and experiences can be shared and information on their rights can be accessed.

Meet our partner


The organisation a well-educated and legally secure social service provider that
always puts the best interests of the child first, which is achieved through a profound change
in the sociology education, the social services and the associated control authority. The owner
of BARN has extensive experience providing services to youth having parents with
disabilities. The board of BARN consists of social workers, psychologists, and
foster home parents. In this project BARN is committed to designing the service for the target
group and will be highly engaged in all other activities in the project.

"The goal is a well-educated social service that is legally secure and always puts the child's best interests first."


  • Focus groups with children who have parents with intellectual disabilities in order to identify their needs

  • Development of a platform where the target group of children can find a community of support

  • Engagement of social care and medical professionals to act as a point of reference and act upon the feedback collected

Project milestones

Sep 2020

Jan 2021

Apr 2021

Sep 2021

Nov 2021

Partnership formed to align objectives and identify needs

Formed project plan to secure the first round of funding

First round of funding secured from Dahlströmska

Project team on-boarded

Outreach work begins

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